Newsflash 4

Zero emission pioneers in transport


The Award Ceremony guests of the PRIX VOLTAIRE INTERNATIONAL will be among the very first in the world to have a sneak peak on the final mock up of the solar car project ‘LIGHTYEAR ONE’. Even before the model will be revealed to the International press, planned to take place in 2019, the guests have the possibility to sit in the simulated interior of the car and see the real model with their own eyes. It is the very first time Lightyear will show the product outside their own buildings.
Lightyear One will be displayed in a separate, monitored room, a no go area for camera’s. The introduction of the final product with an actieradius between 400 and 800km is planned for 2020.

Solar or Hydrogen

Also present at the Award Ceremony is the fully Hydrogen operated car Nexo, from another pioneering player in the automotive industry, the Korean brand Hyundai.
This has just been launched to the market.
Both concepts are zero emission alternatives to the existing car market. 
Although studies show a decline of car ownership in 2050, in the coming years this number will explode up to more than 2 billion automobiles, due to extreme growth of the markets in China and India.
Despite a growing percentage of electric cars being produced the rise of car polution will be phenomenal due to this growth.