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Margje Teeuwen creates...

Award Design based on brilliant, not always immediately recognised ideas
The most brilliant ideas always have a history of pre-studies. This is how the multi-talent
designer Margje Teeuwen came to the creation of the first PRIX VOLTAIRE
While studying, writing, sketching and throwing ideas away to replace or improve,
sometimes the best parts end up like crushed peaces of paper. Until they are found back
and prove to be part of one of the most brilliant brainwaves in history.
In fact this is exactly how one of Teeuwens famous designs 'the PROPLAMP' itself came
to life after an intensive brainstorm with loads of sketches she threw on the floor. She
suddenly saw the light, looking at the beautifully unique forms of all the crushed peace of
paper around her. She decided to replace the paper with a recyclable non woven, but
honor the unique shape and now all over the world the lamp is being sold.
The award is a unique translation of this lamp in a unique award. It carries the sketches of
a variety of briljant ideas of 5 historical heroes. Probably these ideas where 'thrown away'
sketches in their own time ending up changing the world. Albert Einstein, Spinoza, Nikola Tesla, Rosa Parks, and last but not least Voltaire together form the cloud of light in this spectacular award.
At the same time the award is a lighting product, symbolising the 'Enlightment', for which
Voltaire was the great inspirator. The size of the lamp is scaled down to a handheld lamp
and can be simply charged by a usb, so no wire is needed.
The final design will be kept secret until the day of the award ceremony, november 9
2018. Each year The PRIX VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION works together with another
international designer, requesting them to design a lighting product as unique award.
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