About Voltaire

Father of the revolution

Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet,1694 - 1778) wanted to call attention to injustice, slander and irrationality. 
With his writing he created a revolution in the way people were seeking knowledge. The people were no longer solely relying on the ruling authorities who often gave them information based on fear or by using the lack of education or development. Voltaire’s writing made the people less sensitive to manipulation. 
This revolution initiated the ‘Enlightenment’ which inspired the intellectuals and led to political changes in Europe. ‘The Enlightenment’ has had a great influence on our contemporary Western society and has caused major changes in religion, philosophy, arts and science.
The Enlightenment lead to a ‘modern society’ through individualism, emancipation, feminism, secularity and globalisation. The principle of equality, human rights and justice for all men found its roots in this movement as well as freedom of thoughts, socialism, classical-liberalism and anarchy.
Voltaire’s influence was immense. He fundamentally changed the views on and opinions about important issues in Europe.
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Hope and illusion



“One day everything will be well, that is our hope

Everything is fine today,
that is our illusion”