Another award, why?

The need for ‘Enlightenment’ remains necessary, maybe even more so in our ‘modern’ society where ‘change’ and ‘transition’ seems to be part of our daily routine. We as human beings want to improve our Quality of Life but at the same time we are responsible for the direction of this change and the influence it has on the life of all living creatures, the nature around us as well as the future of our Mother Earth.” 

“The daily life of this planet seems increasingly to be controlled by a minority of superpowers, both in politics and industry. What is on their agenda however does not always seem to serve the purpose of change for good. At the same time we face the biggest challenges resulting from overpopulation and pollution

Friendly Fighters For Future-proof Fundamentals

Individuals fighting for innovation and development, against dogmas or modern institutions just like the French philosopher Voltaire did, are therefore very urgently needed. We call them the Friendly Fighters For Future-proof Fundamentals. They are an example for us all  with their spirit of persistence, belief, vision, enthusiasm, persuasion and last but not least: action. They go on and continue where others stop, for the benefit of us all. These individuals deserve our attention and warm support.

Our Objectives


Our goal is to stimulate ‘Free Spirits’ in their contribution to the future and our 21st Century Enlightenment. 



The annual Prix Voltaire International is an award which will be granted to an individual person making a difference through activities which are of substantial relevance to society and with a clear innovative identity.